Mission / Vision

Our Mission:

The mission of BREW on Broadway is to spark a sense of renewal and development along Broadway Avenue to benefit the entire community of Beechview, by presenting a coffeehouse as a community-owned enterprise that will foster a culture of collaboration, community building, business development, and revitalization.

The Vision:

Imagine this…  A quiet, urban neighborhood with over 8,000 residents in the hills of a large city.  Trees and flowers line the streets of this diverse community.  A modern light-rail system moves commuters up and down the avenue where new businesses sprout up like flowers in May.  Now stop imagining and open your eyes – welcome to Beechview.

A small yet important neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh, Beechview is home to 5 new businesses in the last year alone, including BREW.  It is our hope that Brew can provide a place where community conversations and ideas can become a reality.  As a non-profit coffee house, money that the community spends at the location is put directly back into community projects and revitalization.

Sounds like a good idea?  We thought so, too.